Technology Day with Joanne Norbury

Your presenter

Joanne Norbury is the ACFE e-mentor for the Barwon South West Region for 2009.
She came from a hospitality background (Chef / Restaurateur) then started teaching in TAFE. She is a self taught computer user because she was never brought up with one and have loved technology ever since. With this new found technological conficence, it was only really logical that she was drawn towards e-learning and in turn e-mentoring. Joanne also works in the Smart media department at Gordon TAFE

The Session

Create an Interactive object using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and ispringFREE.

Outcome: To create an interactive object to take away.
Build with PowerPoint 07, use Photoscape & Pixie for design and iSpring to publish
We will also look at for YouTube video downloads and media conversions to insert these into your interactive object.

What you need to bring / prepare

Ø A story you want to tell – whether it be, a “how to do” something or maybe about yourself or e-learning – promotion in general or a project description something that you would like to develop and take with you.
To tell this story you may have videos, pictures, ideas, resources, information, and research; bring these items, its best if they are in digital format.
NOTE: if you don’t have much don’t worry we have the World Wide Web! The more you have the more time you will have to experiment and build.


Monday 24th August


10.00 - 3.00


BYO or visit one of the many cafes in Flinders Lane.

Tea and coffee provided.

Venue and time

Room B431

Level 4


253 Flinders Lane


Parking / maps

If you are traveling by public transport into the city for your session at 253 Flinders Lane the nearest train station is Flinders St which is a two minute walk away. You may also take any tram that stops along Flinders St, Swanston St or Elizabeth St and alight at the Flinders St Station stop. For more information, refer to Metlink’s website.

Technology you will use:

  1. PowerPoint 07 FREE downloadable example slide effects with instructions -
  2. Photoscape download FREE - (if you click to the home page you can print a simple page of key features and examples)
  3. Photoscape tutorial FREE - there are a lot more just Google ‘Photoscape tutorial’
  4. Pixie download FREE - Run it, simply point to a colour and it will tell you the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of that colour. You can then use these values to reproduce the selected colour in your favourite programs.
  5. Media Converter FREE - you are allowed 5 FREE per day you can even convert media you have on your computer (just remember they are in the US so the ‘day ‘change is in the middle of our day so you can do 10 if you need to!)
  6. iSpring FREE - PowerPoint to Flash converter (I have tested a lot of other FREE converters and this one seems the strongest and most reliable, converts to original views including all your animations, the others will not do that)