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Recording of the repeat session entitled What is Elluminate?

Date: 15/6/09

To view the recording, click the link below:

View the Elluminate //Live!// recording

AFLF 2009 ACE Innovations projects in Victoria

Link to online session around the 2009 ACE funded e-learning innovations projects. It was great to hear about the projects - even at this early stage everyone could see the tremendous potential of the projects, not just for the participating organisations but also for ACE in general. We were impressed with their clever use of technology and the creativity and enthusiasm with which they are approaching their projects.

To view the recording, click the link below:
View the Elluminate //Live!// recording

Copies of the whiteboard and text chat

Great list of links to sites mentioned in the session:

1. Http:// (Coonara's resource for Diversity)
2. (Collection of video sites and resources, via the Community Engagement projects.)
4. - web2 connections from EdNA, the education networks of Australia.
8. - looking for a programmer? put out a tender at rentacoder
9. - screencasting software / web application
10. (michael chalk's experiences with screencasting)
11. Jing - free version of camtasia:
12. (information on screencasting apps from the Can You Hear Us? project.)
18. Purchase flip cameras at:
19. (adobe premiere elements via the Victorian government "S4E" subsidy scheme for Victorian schools - which may or may not include ACE providers)
20. Australian Flexible Learning Framework, Victorian page
21. Video editing software:
22. HP twitter page:
23. Qld web host who offers some free community / non-profit hosting, and also "one-click" moodle install:
24: - module that enables moodle user to explore and download objects from a learning repository

What is Elluminate - introductory session


Teaching and managing with Elluminate

Highly interactive session delivered by Glenda McPherson and Malcolm Jolley from Gippstafe modelling good practice in the use
of Elluminate tools for traching and managing meetings. Well worth a visit.
View the Elluminate //Live!// recording
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