Our second workshop in the series, entitled: Podcasting: developing audio resources for training for delivery from web pages, wikis and free and podcasting services, is taking bookings.
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Recording of Michael's online PD session.

Learn more about how to use Audacity and create your own podcast.


Michaels suggessted resources

1. Framework's innovations blog. Interesting posts about a range of tools and their (potential) uses in education.
2. Podcasting and Audio Files - From online PD session Wednesday October 1st by Michael Gwyther (Grampians eMentor)
PowerPoint from Session - audacity.ppt
Designing e Learning - Podcasting
Audio File Example from Live Session - micks_podcast.mp3
My Podcasting Bookmarks
Overview of Podcasting - Podcast Overview.doc
Sue Waters Guide to Podcasting and Audacity
YUM's Audacity Guide
Using Podomatic to distribute Audio Files as Podcasts
Podcasting in Education

The session

In this ACFE workshop, the focus will be on developing audio resources for training for delivery from web pages, wikis and free and podcasting services. We’ll also explore uses for audio in training including case studies, scenarios and literacy support.
The workshop will be facilitated by Michael Gwyther, E-Mentor for the Grampians region. Michael will guide participants through using Audacity (open source audio recording and editing software), using sound effects and music to develop training resources. No prior experience is required.
We will look at:
  • Principles of Digital Sound
  • Ideas for using sound in your teaching and learning
  • Introduction to Audacity (Sound recording and editing software)
  • Recording and Mixing Sound, including voice, sound effects, music
  • Sourcing free and licensed music and sound effects
  • Embedding sound into wikis and webpages and/or online podcasting tools

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Some links to explore

1. Can u hear us?

PRACE has been fudned by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework to explore the use of audio in language and literacy teaching. Great site, lots of ideas and links.URL: http://canuhearus.acfe.vic.edu.au

2. Media on the Move - the Coonara exemplar

The Media on the Move Project: New Practices in Flexible Learning 2006 has explored the application of online casting in educational contexts. A number of different educational organisations have been involved in the development of this resource – a how and why for organisations. The Project researched new good practice models that will assist organisations wishing to embed online casting into the delivery of education and training programs within VTE and ACE learning environments.
Available at: http://mediaonthemove.flexiblelearning.net.au/mm/casestudies/Coonara/index.htm

3. Connecting the dots

Based in the adult community education (ACE) sector, this project examined the effect podcasting could have as an additional e-learning tool for learners who have little time to attend face-to-face classes, are isolated by their geographic location or who have physical or learning disabilities. The project provides a set of case studies, guidelines and resources to assist VET organisations to further investigate podcasting.
Available at: http://www.flexiblelearning.net.au/flx/go/home/projects/2005/NewPractices/connectdots