e-learning in the North-West: a plan for supporting each other

telephone_dial_by_Leo_Reynolds_at_flickr.jpgOver the last few years, the network of practitioners using e-learning in the classroom and at an organisational level has grown hugely. This year in the North-West we have 8 organisations involved, from Richmond to Greensborough. That means a lot of really talented and experienced adult educators who can learn from each other and provide collaborative support along the way.

So our plan includes these suggestions:
  • Build options for networking and collaborating, so that you can draw on all the expertise around the region, share problems and ideas.
  • 1) join the Victorian ACE e-learning network "Ning" - a place where you can seek assistance or trumpet your successes (using forums or a blog), or just stay in touch and follow the calendar (we'll set up a sub-group for the North West region),
  • 2) come along to our professional learning sessions, where you can solve problems and share solutions with your colleagues - (in a web conferencing software called "elluminate")
  • 3) attend some of the Statewide professional development sessions (also in elluminate - covering topics like wiki, blog, voice technologies and more).

For your individual organisational plans, Jill and Michael have been meeting with all the "e-leaders" to develop your:
  1. organisational "opportunity analysis" and
  2. an e-learning plan for this project.

photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks: Leo Reynolds .