North Western Metropolitan Region

E-learning in the region: background

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E-mentor for this region

I'd like to introduce myself as the new e-mentor for the Northern region. My name is Paddy O'Reilly, and I've been involved in projects for a number of years in e-learning for the adult and community sector as well as higher education and TAFE. In our region we have very experienced e-learning centres, like PRACE, where Michael Chalk has generated and seen through a number of important projects, and other centres that want to know where to start. So I'm looking forward to a varied and challenging group.

What's going on


It's now August and I'm working with several groups in the region, looking at how e-tools can make the lives of teachers and administrators easier and open up new ways of working and communicating. So far we have talked about wikis and blogs and moodle and virtual classrooms. Some people have already jumped in and are using wikis in their classroom for the first time, and there is a great deal of interest in using online tools for communication with staff and, also importantly, for record-keeping. These can be the same tools that work well in marketing and client communication, so that may also be something to think about further down the track. I've run face to face PD sessions at all the participating providers and we're about to move to online sessions.


We're doing PD sessions on Elluminate and Skype in September, which will get people ready to join in the overall project PD sessions being set up by Josie. One provider has set up an intranet using Edna groups and is trialling that with the Committee of management and staff as a communication and collaboration tool. Two centres are currently investigating toolboxes and learning objects as they are planning to take course online and part-online in 2009.


In October we've continued discussion via phone and oline meeting room (VRoom) and three centres are currently carrying an elearning opportunity analysis followed by looking at how elearning and technology are embedded and can be better embedded in their organisations. TWNH is triallling wikis in their courses for the first time.

Michael Chalk, Sue O'Brien and I are planning a meeting this month to discuss the future of elearning and strategic planning in the region. There is also a workshop scheduled on making a business case for elearning funding. This will be attended by manager level staff as embedding and strategic planning needs commitment from centre managers as well as teachers.

We have a project wiki - this is mainly for creating a resource and reference base for project members.

Who's participating?

Olympic Adult Education
Carringbush Adult Education
Preston Neighbourhood House
Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House
Diamond Valley Learning Centre