e-learning in the North-West

Michael Chalk and Ann Hardingham
Powerpoint Presentation on Wed 11th Dec 2013

The North-West Region of Melbourne, 2011-12


New projects: August 2011 - June 2012

Organisations involved in this year's project include:
  • Australian Multicultural Community Services, Maidstone
  • Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC)
  • Carringbush Adult Education Inc
  • Djerriwarrh Employment and Education Services
  • Lalor Living & Learning Centre Inc.
  • Laverton Community Integrated Services Inc
  • Living & Learning Nillumbik
  • Meadow Heights Learning Shop Inc
  • SPAN Community House
  • Wingate Avenue Community Centre
  • Yarraville Community Centre

Here's our presentation from the first time all these e-leaders met in person, in June 2011:

Latest news

Information and updates for the NW region this year will be via a blog at nwmentor.blogspot.com/. Please visit and subscribe to the updates. Latest headlines here:

North-West e-learning mentor projects

Case studies from 2011-2012

Lalor Living and Learning

Assunta and Carmela knew exactly what they wanted to start working on at Lalor. Although hardware and skills are a contraint, their approach was realistic and practical. The staff needed a Presentation to show beginner ESL students how to log on to the computers in the computer room. They have produced a Powerpoint for this purpose and have trialled it in other teachers' classes to great success. They have also created a Presentation on shutting down the computer correctly.
Listen to Assunta at Lalor Living and Learning talk about their progress with a Powerpoint presentation for tutors and students:

Assunta and Carmela sought and received some valuable feedback from the teachers who trialled their new Powerpoints:
'Hurray! It worked really well. Students found it easy to follow. Was first time I didn't need to explain to 15 students one at a time. Students also starting to refer to laminated copies of slides on display around computer room. Now we are doing much more computer activities without logging on and off taking up entire session.'
'The Powerpoint was great. The steps were clear and easy to follow. A great confidence booster for beginner students and those from higher levels with little or no experience.'
'A great way to start each term for those who have forgotten how to log on and shut down.'
'Suits different learning styles - visual, auditory and kinetic.'
Where to from here? Assunta says:
Carmela and I are now encouraging tutors to try out the technology. We have a new digital recorder so we'll look into a new way of storing oral assessment tasks and maybe sit down and brainstorm ways to use recorder as an activity/ recording listening tasks.
We have a portable data projector and laptop for tutors now so we're looking at ways of incorporating it into our classes PPT lessons/ class stories with illustrations/ interactive games to play as whole class then sending students off to work on own task. Also the creation of more PPTs showing how to enlarge text, change font, capitals and basic word processing skills would also help. We're planning an inhouse PD session next term so we can teach each other new IT things according to need, eg Publisher/PPT.

Yarraville Community Centre

Meg Cotter and Frith Littleford at Yarraville are leading the way by developing a staff communications hub using an ACFE domain wiki. This wiki aims to act as 1) a communication tool between staff at the centre and 2) a place where teachers can create their own classroom wikis.
Here is a short intorduction to the Yarraville wiki by Frith.

Additionally, after they explored a number of 'Web2' tools last year, including the E-facilitation Unit with Michael Gwyther as part of the TAE upgrade, they have chosen to embrace Voxopop for making quick podcasts to build a task bank of audio listening for ESL Frameworks students. They are working with other teachers from the ThinkWest cluster in Melbourne’s West. Voxopop lends itself very well to this job, allowing a number of teachers from different centres to collaborate on this project and share the outcomes of their efforts. Click the Voxopop image below to access Thinkwest ESL Teachers Talkgroup and listen to their recordings.
screengrab thinkwest voxopop.jpg

North Western Region (2012)

Across 2011-12, Michael Chalk, Jill Koppel and Ann Hardingham are working as a team to assist ACE practitioners (the "e-leaders") and organisations in the North-West region (metro Melbourne).

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Useful networks and resources

e-learning in the NW - past experiences

There's been plenty of insightful and innovative e-learning activity in the North-West over the last 15 years or so. There is an overview of the story, on the AccessACE site, including past projects such as:

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