New projects: August 2011 - June 2012

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North-West e-learning mentor projects

Kingfisher mosaic from Ceres, Brunswick, by woowoowoo

North Western Region (2010)

In 2010 Michael Chalk and Jill Koppel assisted ACE practitioners and organisations in the North-West region (metro Melbourne). They worked as a team to support "e-leaders" in the organisations.

The Organisations for 2010

Congratulations and thanks to the organisations who were part of the 2010 project:
  • Olympic Adult Education (OAE)
  • Australian Vietnamese Women's Association (AVWA)
  • Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC)
  • Span Community House (in Thornbury)
  • Yooralla (Flinders Lane, City of Melbourne)
  • Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House (TWNH)
  • Diamond Valley Learning Centre (DVLC)

End of year feedback

Here's a collection of feedback and reflection from the e-mentors and e-champions around the regions, in November.

Here's Carmen from Yooralla talking about her involvement in the NorthWest region project:

Lori from SPAN in Thornbury

Ursula from Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House

You'll find more feedback including Renate from SPAN, Panayota and Toni from Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC) at the iPadio phlog page.

The Plan - learning together

Our plan for helping you to develop your skills and awareness revolves around a mix of:
  1. individual assistance - we'll come and visit you to talk through your ideas and help you develop your plans, and
  2. several options for networking and collaborating, so that you can draw on all the expertise around the region, as you share problems, ideas and solutions.


Here's the calendar for e-mentor projects around the state, including statewide professional development sessions (live and online in web conference/elluminate). Events in our region have "NW" at the start. You'll find more details about calendar events in the ACE network ning (events page).

Useful networks and resources

"The Power of e " by Delia Bradshaw

Delia gave this presentation at the 2009 showcase of ACE e-learning, and it remains an inspiring piece.. you can listen here:

You can also read the accompanying article in VALBEC's Fine Print, or here (it's the first article in the edition):

e-learning in the NW - past experiences

There's been plenty of insightful and innovative e-learning activity in the North-West over the last 15 years or so. There is an overview of the story, on the AccessACE site, including past projects such as:
  • Online Banking - Olympic Adult Education (OAE),
  • World Wide Water - Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre,
  • Can You Hear Us? - PRACE,
  • investigating social networking technologies - Farnham St.
  • Blogging for an ESL classroom - Duke St community house (Dale's Free ESL Club).
  • web2 technologies in the VCAL classroom - Werribee community centre,
  • researching organisational strategies for e-learning - Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House
  • and more.. (oh wait, that document needs updating).

About chalki

michael chalk is an adult educator (language, literacy and numeracy) who supports teachers to use technology for classroom learning. He's been involved in state and national e-learning projects such as AccessACE e-Learning Research Circles , Can You Hear Us? , Flexible Learning Leaders and Community Engagement .

contact michael:

michael chalk's latest:

bookmarks on e-learning

(full collection here)

    thoughts on the iChalki blog

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