Our fifth workshop in the series is entitled: Put e-learning on your map! web20-thumb.jpg


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Wednesday: 22nd October


2 – 3.30


Carole McCulloch and Josie Rose

Put elearning on your Map
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Who should come?

Managers and teachers The session

Where are you going? How will you communicate during your travels?
How can e-learning help you?

In this session we will explore some innovative methods of engaging others in e-learning from a social networking point of view.
Introducing the concepts of e-learning to groups of tutors and teachers can be a real challenge and this year I've used the metaphor of 'journey' to engage with my ementors in the Hume region. In this session I'm going to take the concept one step further and look at how you can 'map' the journey using some of the social networking (Web 2.0) tools from a travel perspective.
Over the years I've seen great successes with the introduction of digital storytelling into educational activities - one of the main reasons for its success has been its engagement with the participants from a personally rewarding perspective. I can now see that the use of such tools as wikis, blogs, flickr, you tube, delicious and twitter can be the vehicles for enabling a greater understanding and implementation of e-learning if you first appeal to the 'social' aspects of e-learning for the participant.

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