Loddon Mallee Region 2012

Come join us for another journey of e-discovery. Today's tools open up a new world of resources to support learning. These include tools to:
  • produce your own e-books for learners
  • take your learners to explore to museums, art collections - without leaving the classroom17120_wpm_lowres.png
  • share tutors and resources to deliver programs at the same time across different locations
  • shape learning to learners' use of technology - eg using Facebook
  • Create a dedicated online learning management and content system
  • Create your own interactive learning resources.

At Loddon Mallee we have an online Toolbox of e-learning tools for your use.
We have also set up a Moodle User Group for Moodle maniacs to get together and discuss all things Moodle.
We have some exciting new solutions to take things to the next level coming up soon, so if you are in Loddon Mallee contact your ementor Pat Grosse (patricia.grosse@bigpond.com) for further information.