Hume region 2010

Project purpose: Building e-capability in the Hume region

The Participating Centres

Baranduda: Linda Pattison eleader
Beechworth: Sandra Boulding, etraveller
Euroa: Liam Cranley echampion
Numurakah: Debbie Fowler eleader
Wangaratta: Frank Loki eleader
Wangaratta: Tanya Grant, etraveller
Whittlesea: Barbara Ireland eleader

As a starting point they will be unpacking their centre's e-capability a little and identify the region's strengths and challenges. A good place for help is over at the ecapability forum.

What is e-capability?
Developing e-learning capability is a complex, ongoing and organisation-wide challenge. It ain’t easy.
From the research we have identified four main organisational capability areas we think are necessary for training providers to implement e-learning effectively:
adapted from ecapability forum

Now let's start by identifying your current e-capability.

Task 1: Add some details about your organisational e-capability (your e-ideas) on your page

Task 2: Contact your echampion, Liam Cranley, and identify how you wish to shape your organisational e-capabilty in 2010 using the Reality Check document.

Task 3: Contact your ementor, Coach Carole, for assistance in this program. Create an Action Plan together to focus on your E-idea.

Task 4: Add some reflection on your progress in you own page, see links below.

Visit the participating centre's information pages:

Baranduda Community Centre
Beechworth Neighbourhood Centre
Euroa Continuing Education Centre
Numurkah Community Centre
Kaleidescope Learning Centre, Whittlesea
Pangerang Community House, Wangaratta
The Centre, Wangaratta