How to use the elluminate playspace (version 10 - not Blackboard Collaborate v11)

February 2012: Things have changed.

Last year it was simple. Everyone used the Elluminate version 10 software. But then things changed: a company called Blackboard took over the operation. They've changed the name of the software (to Blackboard Collaborate), and they've gone through with the upgrade to version 11 as well. All the guides on this page relate to Elluminate version 10.

For information on Blackboard Collaborate version 11, you'll need to go over to their support site via these links below. They have all sorts of help guides, and a configuration room as well.
a) their overall support site,
b) a presentation overview of the site from the company.

Elluminate is a "java application" for live "web conferencing", ie connecting with other people using voice, text chat, whiteboard and more. "Java application" means it's built to run on any computer: windows, mac or linux - as long as you have the Java software installed on your machine. Basically you can use voice, text and whiteboard to communicate with people in the conference space. You receive a link that leads you to a login page, where you key in your real name (no password required usually). If you want to help others connect with you, put your location or workplace too (for example Caroline Chisholm of Windsor community centre).

a) Overview presentation without sound

Here's an overview prepared by michael chalk (without sound):

b) Presentation with voiceover narration

Here's the same overview, this time with sound (if it works). After you start the presentation playing, it should advance automatically to each next slide. There is a way to jump between slides (one of those tiny controls at the bottom right).

Elluminate direct links

(screengrab of text box in elluminate)

These links are in the slides above, but in case they don't work:
UH-OH! Elluminate has been taken over by Blackboard, so all the links have changed. AAAgh.
For example information about ports MIGHT be here: (Link).
But these ones are likely to be broken:
  1. As well as this presentation you can go direct to the support centre on the elluminate site.
  2. Here's their Test / configuration room (direct link).
  3. information about which ports to open (443, 2187)
  4. Information about proxies (

For some reason, the elluminate support site links (2-4) don't always work. You may need to go to the general support section (1) first, and either try the link again, or do a search there for ports and proxies.

(Sorry about that, it's weird.)