Frequently asked questions

Below is a growing list of questions that we hope to add to as the project grows

1. You said at the meeting that you wanted to bring all the e-mentors together at a city located meeting? If so, how many meetings and will it be all day or half day? What dates will these meetings be on?
Yes, I did - we will have 3 face-to-face meeting for the e-mentors during the life of the project.
Typically they will run from 10.30 to 4.00 - just to make sure the ones who have to travel any distance can get there in good time.

I am hoping to have the first one in the week of the 28th of July - that was one if the dates I had hoped to lock in this morning:-)
There will also be a monthly catch up meeting online through Live Classroom for about an hour.

2. Were there any other meetings you wanted providers and or ESO's/Regional Managers to go to with you?
No - unless there is a request for some specific PD and there are enough interested people to make it viable.

3. Will you be coming to each region to conduct a regional information session?
I am happy to come to a regional information session if it will help you and the e-mentor to generate interest in the project.

4. I am a bit unclear about your role, my role and e-mentor's roles are at the beginning of the project, assuming once the e-mentors are clear about their role, they will take it from there.
As a region you decide what your priorities are, what you would like the e-mentor to concentrate on - ie skills building or manager PD or both, and you negotiate with, and appoint the e-mentor.
You will also be supporting the e-mentor to generate interest in your region and facilitate a meeting to get providers interested in joining the mentoring program. I am there to help you and the e-mentor to make this happen and support the e-mentor through the project in semester two.