Barwon South West

Joanne Norbury

I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Joanne Norbury and I am the ACFE e-mentor for the Barwon South West Region for 2009.

I came from a hospitality background (Chef / Restaurateur) then started teaching in TAFE. I am a self taught computer user because I was never brought up with one and have loved technology ever since. I seem to pick up on things quick, which in turn gives me confidence, so it was only really logical that I was drawn towards e-learning and in turn e-mentoring.

I have been an e-mentor at TAFE for the last few years and have worked with large departments and small areas and I am very excited to be part of the ACFE e-mentoring project.

Participating Organisations:

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Visit our ACE Ning to see a video of Joanne demonstrating a fabulous resource - the Visimax mini camera, data show setup - at the ementor day at the AMES MUlticultural hub.