2007 was the last year of LearnScope funding for ACE prior to the implementation of the new Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Accordingly this project incorporates opportunities for 2008 participants to become familiar with the reshaped Framework. An issue of common concern for participants in the LearnScope and the ACFE Board funded AccessACE project was the need for an on-going state-wide “connected up” network of e-learning practitioners.
Participants expressed a wish to continue with online and face to face sessions that would allow them to share ideas and learn from each other. They also expressed the wish for ACFE to continue to take a leadership role in facilitating the network, and in doing so provide access to stimulating professional development sessions that allowed for vital face-to face- contact. Importantly, the main focus of the 2008 project proposal is outcomes for ACFE Board priority learners.

The proposal aims to build capacity across ACFE regions so that ACE practitioners have the opportunity to become e-learning leaders who can identify and respond to the needs of those ACFE Board priority learner cohorts for access to relevant blended learning opportunities that improve pathways to further study or employment outcomes.