Whittlesea : Kaleidescope Learning Centre

Contact: Barbara Ireland

Location: Whittlesea


Phone: 03 9716 3361
email: knhw@bigpond.net.au


Introduce the use of Skype at Kaleidescope for meetings among committee members.

Action Plan:

Will put a proposal to the Management Committee to conduct an extra ordinary meeting in Skype for practice by August 30 and to conduct meetings of AGM in mid October.

Mid Year Report:

Is your project on track to achieve your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by the end of November? :
On track - however needs to have a consistent form of feedback initiated.
Further 'networking' with a small group within the Hume group has been established to provide action partners.
(Baranduda and Pangerang)

Do you foresee any issues/problems that may impact on achieving your KPIs?
Fear of the unknown and difficulties with downloads - introduce a buddy system and enlist the help of IT support.
Without the appropriate committment of time, on a regular basis, this process will deterioriate.
Emails and phone calls from the echampion and meetings online to practice with the ementor will help with this.

Summary paragraph of outcomes/achievements to date
Completed the reality checklist and action plan.