Western Metropolitan Region

Update 9/10/08
hi all
just completed my first presentation online
did a demo of Cam Studio
that seemed to go well...
met with our groups this week....
here is the outcome of the session
everyone is very very positive about the potential....

Hi there,
We had a small, brief and productive meeting this morning, and came up with quite a few ideas for projects (listed below)
I have just spoken to Howard Errey who is the contact at the Australian Flexible Learning Network, and will attempt to summarise his feedback. He is very amenable, so feel free to contact him to discuss your ideas.
Phone: (03) 9661 8710
Email: howard.errey@eworks.edu.au
Firstly, the funding guidelines will be available on the site in Nov/Dec
The application will be avail Jan, and it will be due first week of March.
To look at this year's application, go to

We discussed the idea of creating a consortium. If you decide to do this, you would only be eligible for $50,000 between the 5 centres. One RTO would need to take the lead and apply, and would need to justify why a consortium model works better. (Perhaps it would be better to apply individually??)
It is fine to make multiple applications
When developing project ideas, we need to make sure they haven't been previously funded. The best way to do this is to look at the website as well as the toolboxes.
It is a great idea to look at toolboxes and see if these could be adapted for your particular group of users. This would be a strong application.
So.....in developing project ideas.....consider
what is the problem that needs to be solved?
How does your project solve it?
How is your project innovative?
How can you demonstrate your track record of embedding e-learning?
Is there a business case (ie...in-kind support) This is the crux of the matter - the opportunity analysis weill help them with this. Josie

Here are ideas discussed today:
1.An online course based on Employability Skills – similar to Safe@work set up
Cert 3 Children’s services
2.A basic OH&S course – working at a computer
- parts of a computer
- keyboard skills
Business courses (short and full certificate). All units now require an OHS section. It would be good to have an interactive program with graphics
3. Online OHS / staff induction program
4. accredited online ESL and literacy for family day care workers
5. Blended book keeping units (Cert 111 Business Admin)
6. ESL Frameworks....tasks/ outcomes to achieve online
7. Cert 3 or 4 ESL Frameworks - employment.

I hope this is helpful.

Update 1/9/08
Hi all
enjoyed the online meeting....
we have setup a meeting of key providers in the West for the 8th Sept....
Josie will attend...
currently preparing a presentation for that meeting...
all on track here
If you'd like to know more about the CD we've produced
Internet Essentials for beginners and beyond
please contact us.....
they're available from Yarraville Community Centre
9687 1560
listen to a podcast interview on 774 with Paul talking to Jon Faine
on the Conversation hour talking about the idea behind the project
(it occurs in the last 15 minutes)

all the best

Paul and Sarah

Hi all
we have contacted or are in the process of contacting
these providers as listed in the region
Western Metropolitan
Community West Inc.
9363 9912
Djerriwarrh Employment & Education Services Inc.
9743 9973
Duke Street Community House Association Inc
9311 9973
Laverton Community Centre & Neighbourhood House Inc.
9369 4866
Newport Outlets Co-operative Ltd.
9391 8504
North Melbourne Language and Literacy Inc.
9326 7447
Yarraville Community Centre Inc.
9687 1560

and over the next few weeks we'll give them a look at Internet Essentials
(our CD)
with a view to getting them thinking about what they would require in a

Also I haven't used Elluminate
just so you know ...
but I have downloaded/installed and it looks pretty straightforward

Here's my suggestion for our online meeting

I'd like to see what free resources people use in their teaching
from me......
Google Sketchup
Open Office
Windows Movie Maker
Google Earth
Google Maps

and for thousands more....search http://www.download.com

all the best

Paul McSherry

E-learning in the region: background

Interested in a history of what has been achieved in Western Metro region over the past few years?
1. Visit the following page on the AccessACE website:
2. You can also take an in depth look at the AccessACE exemplars in your region: http://werribee.acfe.vic.edu.au/ and http://fsnlc.acfe.vic.edu.au/