The Centre, Wangaratta

Contact eleader Frank Loki

Location: Wangaratta


Phone: 03 5721 0237


Plan to deliver a course in Micro Business through Moodle in Term 4.
Explore the use of Facebook and Twitter to market and network groups of small business operators.

Action Plan:

Recruit peers and establish a network of skilled elearning practitioners at The Centre.
Use the Micro Business toolbox uploaded into Moodle with communication strategies added for ease of access by learners.
Join the Moodlers subgroup and participate in learning workshops.
Ready for delivery by October 4.

Mid Year Report:

Is your project on track to achieve your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by the end of November? :
Frank has joined the Moodlers and attended one workshop and begun exploring the development of a Moodle sandpit.

Do you foresee any issues/problems that may impact on achieving your KPIs?
Learner ability may vary in use of elearning so will plan to run a learner induction program and provide support methods for small business operators who enrol.

Summary paragraph of outcomes/achievements to date