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E-learning in the region: background

Interested in a history of what has been achieved in SMR region over the past few years?
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Managing blended e-learning

The 2008 ACFE VicGovernment e-learning program aimed to deliver to employ a new strategy: provide state-wide mentoring support to providers interested in blended delivery. It also provided an opportunity for ACE managers and tutors to explore e-learning tools and technologies via a series of online workshops – an option well supported by tutors in Southern Metro. A further intention was to create a framework, a network, of learner focused e-learning leaders for the future, and to continue to build on and integrate the considerable knowledge and skills developed in the sector as part of the LearnScope legacy.

In Southern Metropolitan region an e-mentor (Mary Schooneveldt) was appointed and region providers invited to participate in the program. Ultimately seven providers took up the invitation to create a small work-based e-learning project that incorporated ideas related to service provision, course delivery and/or tutor and learner support. Another part of the project was to introduce some recently devised e-business tools such as opportunity analysis and making a business case for e-learning. A brief summary who was involved and what happened can be found in this file:

2008 Sharing ACE skills survey

As part of Southern Metropolitan Region of ACFE’s involvement in the ACFE VicGovernment E-learning grant 2008 a survey was conducted to identify the professional development needs and preferences of tutors, managers and volunteers related to teaching and learning, in particular, e-learning and new technologies. Other areas of teaching and learning were surveyed as well. The survey will inform the development of a professional development program to run in 2009.]

Skype evaluation

Lyn Treloar & Sandie Thompson of Peninsula Adult Education & Literacy, Rosebud, explored methods of extending PAEL’s communication process by exploring Skype, SMS, MS Messenger and Windows Live. We wanted a method that would enable us to contact learners if there had been a change of timetable or attendance requirements. View Lyn & Sandie’s fabulous report.

2008 E-mentor for the region: Mary Schooneveldt

As many of you know I have had a long involvement with both ACE and vocational education and training. I guess I would describe myself as a community educator with a particular interest in professional development, inclusive practices and that includes e-learning. I've been a manager, an instructional designer, a teacher and a learner. Currently I'm facilitating an online Certificate IV in Training & Assessment for GippsTAFE—a well known leader in flexible delivery. And I still get a buzz out of digital storytelling!
email mobile 0412 486 044 or Skype mary.schooneveldt


As a way of keeping track of what's happening with this project I decided to create a project blog at Mary's blog
Please fell free to visit and add your comments/suggestions.

Team update 6 November 2008

1. Team 'postcards': a snapshot of where each team is at…
2. Discussion: documenting the journey – short report – opportunity analysis – see attached file.
3. Discussion: your thoughts on 2008 Managing Blended Learning Project as a process
4. Letting the world know: ACE provider forum & ConVerge & ?
5. Looking towards the future - what is your next step?

Link to Elluminate recording: 6 November team meeting
Final report/ opportunity analysis template:

Induction workshop - update

Southern Metro presentation:

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