Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre -


Initial meeting with Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre

Scope of Meeting at Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre:

Ø Meet with Karen to chat about how e-learning can be implemented within the organisation and what approaches they are already taking. Who are their cliental and what are their needs.
Ø Discuss Expression of Interest proforma, to be filled out and returned
Joanne Norbury, E-mentor ACFE Barwon SE Region
Karen Williams, Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre


o How do we engage the community more?
o How to encourage the use of the internet – run a course on getting to know the internet, discovering
o To learn the computer they have to apply it, wider use, what to use it for
o Start a culture by creating an understanding of what the internet can do – Google maps, to basics like looking up yellow and white pages, bus and train timetables
o Clients – all walks of life, low internet access at home, only 48%
o Fear of computer – lack of skills
o Fear of purchasing a computer – what do they need?
o Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre run basic computer courses
o Create champions within the organisation


Ø Trial a course “getting to know the net” developing computer capabilities, document the outcomes
Ø How to apply for funding next year to keep new course running
Ø Work with computer trainers to try and set up a trial course, to be a f2f workshop with maybe an online wiki (action learning project)
Ø Help set up a workshop where someone comes and talks about purchasing computers – maybe go to the computer meet in Geelong and ask if someone will come out and have a talk
Ø Create a list of computer companies or funding that will help and enable clients to afford to purchase computers cheaper or second hand also cheap internet providers /access
Ø Encourage to find a way of ‘marketing’ the benefits of computer use, employability


1. Joanne to be available to work with Karen and computer trainer to help develop a trial course that would follow their basic computer course on the benefits of the internet
2. Karen to get back to Joanne about next meeting to plan some more actions
3. Karen to fill in Expression of Interest proforma and return to Joanne