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Flexible Learning Framework

Framework's innovations blog. Interesting posts about a range of tools and their (potential) uses in education.


Michael Chalk's collection of 'How To Videos are available at Chalki Tech Help

Editing Navigation in Wikispaces by Christine Dix - Edit Wikispaces Navigation

Podcasting resources by Michael Gwyther

How to use elluminate

Connect with peers by navigating this
popular live web conferencing tool.
Some introductory slides on this site.

Facilitating an Elluminate Session -

Christine Dix

Notes for e-leaders:

Notes on iPadio

ipadio_logo.pngiPadio is a popular phone/blog tool. You can send audio messages to the web via your phone. Notes can be found on the Can You Hear Us? site.

Voicethread Slides

from Slideshare by
Andrea Tejedor on Jan 11, 2010
Voicethread Tutorial

Voxopop - a voice-based e-learning tool

from SlideShare by Caitlin Cornell on Mar 3, 2012
Voxopop Tutorial