Pangerang Community House

contact: Tanya Grant

Phone: 03 5721 3813


Use of Skype for meetings with networks
Deliver a short course in PowerPoint, term 4 2010
Deliver digital storytelling course in 2011
Build skills in use of Facebook, Ebay and Twitter - strong demands for these among community of older people, and group of nurses.

Action Plan:

Network of 6 computers in lab to have Skype uploaded, speak to IT support person
Join the Skypers in a Meeting on Sept 6 - part of agenda to discuss digital storytelling plans.
Speak to Kelvin Ford, tutor for DST to join in.
Build skills of tutors in use of Facebook, Ebay and Twitter

Mid Year Report:

Is your project on track to achieve your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by the end of November? :


Do you foresee any issues/problems that may impact on achieving your KPIs?


Summary paragraph of outcomes/achievements to date