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Initial meeting with Old Court House Community Centre and Simpson & District Community Centre Report

Scope of Meeting at Creswick:

Ø Meet with Debra and Janet to chat about how e-learning can be implemented within their organisations and what approaches they are already taking. Who are their cliental and what are their needs.
Ø Discuss Expression of Interest proforma, to be filled out and returned
Joanne Norbury, E-mentor ACFE Barwon SE Region
Debra Smith and Helen O’Neill, Simpson & District Community Centre
Janet Cross, Old Court House Community Centre


o How do we engage the communities more?
o Combine forces, create strong network between community centres
o Keep it simple, yet maximise potential
o The idea of training in Skype and Google - Gmail, Google Calendar, maybe Google Docs and IGoogle to keep it all together. (Use Google and Gmail for easier access because of server access in their areas)
o Ideas; what to use these tools for?
o Create champions in the organisations – have these people come to training day
o Use internet a bit wider
o Clients – elderly, remote, intellectually disable, challenged adult learners
o Fear of computer – lack of skills
o Kahootz – teaching technology by stealth
o Old Courthouse teaches distant TAA online


Ø Discussed that Skype is a great tool to keep people in contact and start using the computer.
Ø Google and Gmail would be a great start to get people up and running with email addresses and then the added bonus of “all things Google” to develop from.
Ø Have established will have a training day for these two tools at the Old Courthouse Community Centre with both organisations.


1. Joanne to be available for a full day f2f training day in Casterton at the Courthouse Community Centre.
2. Janet and Debra to organise the training day, attendees, room etc.
3. Janet till fill in Expression of Interest proforma and return to Joanne.
4. Joanne to research the product Kahootz or the likes, for challenged adults to help learn some computer skills as Janet put it “Teaching technology by stealth”.
a. Would they have a product like this for adults, could their product be suitable?
b. What sort of agreements do you have for purchasing, could ACFE purchase a licence?


Ø Have contacted Kahootz, have spoken with Kerry 9764 8344. A couple of trial CD’s are coming and a couple of catalogues with some different programs that could be more suited. Creative tools catalogue, check out ‘Toon’. Will be contacted regarding licensing and suitable during the week 13 to 18th July.