Loddon Mallee Region

E-learning in the region: background

Interested in a history of what has been achieved in your region over the past few years?
1. Visit the following page on the AccessACE website: http://accessace.acfe.vic.edu.au/Loddon+Mallee+Region
2. You can also take an in depth look at the AccessACE exemplar in your region: http://madec.acfe.vic.edu.au

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E-mentor for the region: Sarah Phillips

Hi Everyone, once again I am fortunate to be able to participate in this project. I am currently working at Continuing Education Bendigo and now finally achieved the role of eLearning Coordinator full time. We have been successful in securing funding for both the eLearning Innovations program and the Emerging Technologies Trials from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, as well as the Circles of Professional Practice this year. I have finally completed my Diploma of eLearning with Michael at Yum Productions and am lucky to continue to work with him this year as well. I think this year will be very exciting and I look forward to it.

Participating Ace Providers for Loddon Mallee

Robinvale Network House - Robinvale
Wedderburn Community House - Wedderburn
Future Employment Opportunities - Eaglehawk

All things Google

On Monday the 15th June, Gillian (ACFE), Carolyn (Wedderburn) and Leeanne (Robinvale) came to visit me at CEB where we did an induction day for the program. Here we set up all things Google. We have decided this year that instead of spending the year remembering passwords and Usernames, that we would learn 1 account really well and see if we could then apply that accross the board.
We have now linked together Gmail, Google Calendar, Reader, Groups and Sites, as well as Google Docs for them to complete their Opportunity Analysis and IGoogle to keep it all together. They had a blast and we are all now in each others contacts.
Today, 18th June, I met with Sue (FEO) and completed the same tasks. We are all ready for our first online session which at this stage is scheduled for the 15th July, and everyone is really keen to get in and have a go.

This is our Google Group

First online session - 15th July

Here is the link to the last session.
We met online and had a session about the differences between a learning management system and a wiki. We had attendees Sue from FEO and Leeanne and Andrea from Robinvale, but unfortunatly Carolyn from Wedderburn was unable to make it this week. They decided that they were really interested in the idea of wiki's and thought they would like a practical session on how to use them in the next meeting. That meeting is scheduled for the Wednesday 19th August. We were planning to meet earlier thank the 19th August but as everyone works different days and hours, they are all available on Wednesday, which clashes with the online PD sessions that we are doing for the whole group.
I have 3 representatives registered from each of the 3 providers for this session so it should be highly interactive. It seems that the flow on effect is starting to happen and we also have a couple participating in extra activities, so I hope to see a great outcome at the end. we have a great mix of managers and trainers from each organisation.

I will be looking at online 1:1 sessions in Vroom I think as it is very hard to catch up with some of the participants face to face since they are so far away. Here we will start to look at the plans they have been given to fill out.

All our participants already have eLearning placed into their strategic plan, so they are well supported at the top end for their participation, but as all other mentors may be experiencing, time to research and try new things is very hard for these people to find.

Second online session - 19th August

Here is the link to the session.