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Progress from July to Dec 2013
  • Lync 2013 account in Oct 2013
  • Visit to trainers on Thursday 17th October 2013 10-1pm
  • Introducing LYNC 2013
  • Working on an area of e-learning

A creative Robinvale's Newsletter 2013

Robinvale Network House offer basic bread and butter programs only nowadays, mostly in a foreshortened window due to Harvest period Jan-May. 2013 But they do heaps of activities......


Digital Photography Workshops, Boat Licence Workshops, Financial Literacy Workshops, Circle of Healing and Meditation Workshops, Tax Help (July-Oct)

Broadband for Seniors, "Nachos, Gnulli & Nasi Goreng" and PEACE Project (finished in June 2012)

Basic Computers for Beginners, Basic Spreadsheets for Beginners, Digital Literacy, Community Language and Basic Literacy for Everyday Needs


An estimated $500 Million in produce is exported out of the area annually, much of that to go overseas (Almonds, Grapes, Carrots (70% of Australia’s production), Broccoli, citrus, olives and other food produce)

Currently around 52 nationalities live in and around Robinvale

40 languages spoken in the homes in Robinvale

70% of the population has either come in from overseas or is Australian-born offspring of CALD parents (Largest CALD groups is Italian)

Robinvale Network House services the following communities: Robinvale, Robinvale District, Annuello, Wemen, Managatang, Boundary Bend and also the NSW townships of Euston and District and sometimes participants from Balranald.

Carolyn and staff are doing a fabulous job with the CALD Program for OH&S efficiency, Basic Computer, Internet & Email for CALD learners, many challenges with finding trainers, using old fashion skills and responsing to CALD learners needs (with little wording required for basic skills for the learners)

Resource: Responding to CALD Leaders: Cultural Diversity in Action

Carolyn Martinussen

1 Maples Lane

PO BOX 850

Robinvale 3549 Victoria Australia

03 5026 4128


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P5300003.JPGConversation - Net Work House - Robinvale - 01.JPGP5300013.JPG
P5300004.JPGRobinvale - May 2013.jpgP5300011.JPG
Ian Hall e-Champion Loddon Mallee NW region from January 2013 to June 2013

You Tube of iMInd Map - Ian Hall E-champion for Loddon Mallee North Western region
Visits to Loddon Mallee North Western region of Victoria in May 2013 Powerpoint presentation on Sldeshare


Audience URL:
Recording of session Wedderburn (Tuesday 28th May 2013)
Audience URL :
Recording of Robinvale (Thursday 30th May 2013)
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