Gippsland Region

E-Mentor Junita Lyon

This is my final week as ACFE Learn Local Gippsland Region E-Mentor. I am retiring from this role after 7 years on the project after deciding to step aside to let others have the great opportunities I have experienced. Thank you to all involved in this project for all your hard work and innovation. Special thanks to Josie Rose Carole McCulloch , Leo Gregorc Kathryn Matthews and Evelyn Schmidt who have worked with me in the Region and too all the e-leaders from the many organizations across Gippsland we have helped to build their e-capability.

Gippsland Region

We are Getting Connected and Networked
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Much of the Gippsland E-Mentor project is directed using a self paced model mixed with peer support and synchronous training and workshops. This means you do not need to be online at the same time to post and communicate information and messages on a regular basis.
We all learn and communicate in different ways and to support these different learning and communication needs, we need to understand the advantages of different uses of technology to keep up with 21st Century education and the digital natives we now have as learners at Learn Local
The emerging growth towards building our e-capability and online communication is related to the increasingly easy access to information and communications technology.
All e-leaders were given assignments and action plans in this model of learning with scheduled completion datesWe provided our eLeaders with regular newsletters. You can download the PDF
E-Mentor Junita Lyon
Gippsland Regions ACFE E-Mentor role has taken me to a whole new level of mentoring and facilitating across my region.
My role is about Networking and training Learn Local organisations within the Gippsland Region.
During 2013 Evelyn Schmidt became the new e-Champion as we said farewell to Leo as he pursued new horizons her worked at the Buchan Neighbourhood house made her a perfect candidate to immerse herself in this role. It is wonderful to work with such a proactive e-Champion.
Evelyn has an extra skill set useful to being a mentor in that she is an excellent networker and Coordinator of the Buchan Neighbourhood House
Evelyn will be nominated as E-Mentor in 2014
Gippsland Regions ACFE E-Mentor role has taken me to a whole new level of mentoring and facilitating across my region.
With our e-Champion Leo we encourage our e-leaders to become digitally aware , then move them with pre-planned strategies towards developing their a digital literacy with our peer support. The goal is to encourage and support e leaders towards building their e-capability in the use of the tools and technology in communication and classroom practice.
We offer workshops and face to face training to ensure our e-leaders are getting the best information and learning we can offer
All e-leaders have been taught a wide variety of technologies and different types of media to engage. Course management systems like Wordpress (edublogs) Blackboard Collaborate (Australia e-Series) as well as audio, video, podcasts and online blogging played an

2012 E-Leaders E-Champions E-Mentor
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Sue Braggs Benambra Neighbourhood House

Sue Braggs at Benambra NH has started developing a social networking environment in Facebook.
Sue has set up a series of face book group sites for residents.
  • Developing an online presence for local groups
  • First step for residents online
  • Interest groups relevant to area
  • Most of community are involved in one of the groups (not online)
  • Facebook classes first
IPads have now been introduced to the community and are becoming very popular with all demographics keen to learn
Her goal is to offer residents blended training in the genre of their Facebook groups. To get the majority of her community connected online and comfortable in the online environment.
Her organization is keen to network with others on the e-Mentor project that can offer classes online in the genre of Benambra face book groups or relevance to community needs.
Benambra has a vibrant camera club that now join Lakes Entrance in offering a free photography club cross region networking group.

Evelyn Schmidt Buchan Neighbourhood House

Evelyn Schmidt NH in Buchan has developed a great action plan to encourage community members to develop their digital Literacy
Evelyn developed a survey to see what the community wanted and determine what BNH can deliver in terms of e Learning
The House has a number of websites and wikis that will be upgraded and developed further
  • Website need to be worked on so that there is greater autonomy in terms of promotion, acess and information - make a link to the wiki where more information will be documented
  • Develop wikis for upcoming community project
  • Create separate pages to house specific information for community
  • Allow different levels of access to pages within wiki - allow particular stakeholders organisers access to the wiki page
  • Using Bb collaborate for Meetings for community organizations in the east gippsland region of neighbourhood houses
  • Have people be able to attend meetings from their house and from the community house
Evelyn is currently working on the "Buchan Project" developing programs for all demographics

Gayle Webster Lakes Entrance

Gayle Webster from Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House
We discussed her intrest in developing her organisations Facebook persona and developed Gayles immediate Action plan
  • To keep up with changes in social media
  • Provide current information to Community and Staff
  • Investigate Facebook for advertising purposes
  • Fully understand terms and conditions so to effectively set up a line of communication via Social Media networks with her East Gippsland network.
  • Pass information onto other organisations in her network
  • Attend Social Media workshops
Gayles first action was to become familiar with the rules and laws associated with Facebook and to teach others in her Network about Facebook rules and regulations. Courses were offered to local learners who were introduced to computers, blogging, Facebook, photo sharing, e-portfolios and photography.

Glenda Mcphee Noweyung Ltd

Glenda can see the huge potential that eLearning can bring to not only Noweyung but her entire professional network. We recognised this early on at our first site visit and made a decision to invest additional face-to-face time in support of Glenda's objectives which Leo has carried out with excellent results.
  • Offer peer to peer support
  • Introduction to IPads and tablet technology
  • Introduction off Yammer
  • Sending staff to training

Glenda has made a regular contribution to her Edublogs site, uploading pictures, resources and blogging on the happenings at Noweyung. She has successfully created specific pages within that site and continues to grow, towards a strong eCapability.
Glenda had additional training on how to moderate a Blackboard Collaborate session It is excellent to see a developing interest spawned from innovative thinking.
As a direct response to the eMentor project, Glenda has decided to provide some assisted training to others in her organisation so that she can futher build the digital capacity of her staff and connected professionals. It will be something that we will be happy to support her with as she heads towards achieving her goals outlined in the action plan.

Kathryn Bertacchini at Sale Neighbourhood House

Kathryn at SNH is a very busy eLeader. Kathryn is new to eLearning and a total novice at using technology, she is taking gentle steps towards being comfortable with using the tools and understanding how 'it all works'.
  • Community network hub
  • Staff ICT training
We were able to get her into an accredited course about collaboration to help her build her digital literacy.

Bill Street Basscoast Adult Education Centre

Bill at BCAEC has a passion for Pod-casting and his e Mentor project focus is on developing this further.
His organisation is looking at programs to introduce as a blended approach to classroom practice
  • International Computer Driving Licence
  • Podcasting
  • Moodle
As part of his commitment to the project, we have encouraged Bill to share some practical skills about podcasting to share with the other e Leaders within the Gippsland region. It will be something that will be of great benefit to both Bill and the other interested members.

Shirley Broerson from Moe Neighbourhood House

Shirley has developed a FaceBook page and has diligently been adding information and resources to it on a regularly basis. The original page only had 33 friends and currently the site has grown to include 115 friends.
  • Development of Facebook page
  • Attending ICT workshops
This has been a great achievement for MNH and Shirley is definately impressed by the huge interest in the page.