Euroa Continuing Education Centre Inc (ECEC)

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Contact echampion Liam Cranley:

Address: 46-50 Binney Street
Euroa 3666 Victoria
Phone: 03 5795 2777
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Integrate eLearning into ECEC’s Cert.IV Training & Assessment course by developing and using a T&A moodle site, asking that portfolio’s be via Mahara or GoogleSites, and conducting an in-class 'virtual excursion' surveying and using some of the available tools.

Action Plan:

TAA Moodle - Integrate eLearning into ECEC’s Cert.IV Training & Assessment course by developing and using a T&A moodle site
Obtain access to Moodle Sandpit, and install own Moodle on laptop
Structure and compile TAA material in Moodle
Transition sandpit ,moodle to live server
TAA e-portfolio’s – transition of TAA portfolio’s from hardcopy to e-portfolio’s via Mahara.
Gain agreement from TAA course controller
Training TAA students to use Mahara
Assessing success of e-portfolio’s
TAA e-learning unit - Increase the range of TAA e-learning component to better introduce students to potential tools.
Schedule, compose and conduct unit training

Mid Year Report:

Is your project on track to achieve your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by the end of November? :

Yes. Greater integration of e-learning into the ECEC’s CIV Training and Assessment course was launched last Saturday (4th September) with the student group receiving training on using Mahara e-portfolio’s, a guided tour of development Moodle, and discussion of the utility of these and other tools in VET for different types of learners.

Do you foresee any issues/problems that may impact on achieving your KPIs?

The most likely problems are:

1. TAA students may struggle with developing e-portfolio’s, primarily with transferring their material from hardcopy. I have provided contact details, invited questions & requests for help.
2. Changes to the national TAA course structure may require amendments to planned Moodle late in the year.

==Summary paragraph of outcomes/achievements to date==

Integration of greater e-learning into the ECEC’s TAA course has been proceeding on the three fronts described above. A Moodle for the ECEC’s CIV Training and Assessment course is a work in progress, structured by unit and (to date) including labels, assignments and reference files. The next hurdle will be integration of learning objects from LORN into the Moodle. The transition of TAA student portfolios to e-portfolio’s on Mahara has been communicated to students along with some training, and all have begun the process of creating a profile. The e-learning unit in TAA was presented last Saturday (4th September) and included introductions to learning objects (from’s LORN), digital storytelling, Skype, Moodle, and Mahara. Wide ranging discussion canvassed the perceived and reported benefits and limitations of e-learning, with unanimous recognition that the e-learning component of training only going to grow.