Eastern Metropolitan Region

11th Dec 2013 PowerPoint presentation

Eastern Metropolitan Region

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. Alan Cohen

Update June 2012

Avenue Neighbourhood House

Colleen set out to create a wikispace to give tutor and staff access to files, along the way that changed and she created a beautiful wikispace for ANHCA of which she is currently president.
The wikispace looks fantastic and will be a useful tool for the organisation benefiting all ACFE RTO's
Next step: Colleen wants to learn to facilitate in Blackboard Collaborate as she hopes to conduct the national meetings as live web conferences.

Mountain District Learning Centre

Celeste set out to create a wiki in the private wikispace to use with her VCE Studio Arts students. She has:
  • set up a blog and regularly adds to it
  • set up the wiki
  • added content - files, photos
  • added Outcome tasks - web quest, discussion topics
It is looking great and her next steps will be to:
  • create student usernames and passwords
  • create new pages for students to upload photos of their artwork
Celeste already has students using the wiki and feedback so far is positive.

Pines Learning

Jenny set out to learn the skills she needed to be able to offer an out of hours blended delivery course. She is doing a great job, she has:
  • set up and regularly adds to her blog
  • set up a new wiki in the private wikispace
  • added pages, content
  • edited the navigation
  • developed a set of guidelines/protocols
  • set up a discussion page
  • gained skills with e-learning tools - iSpring Free, Jing, Hot Potatoes, recording video; and used these new skills to create learning resources for her learners
I especially like the video she created to welcome her learners. Well done, Jenny! Keep up the good work.

Rowville Neighbourhood Learning Centre

This is their first foray into elearning and Kerry and Lisa have accepted the challenge with gusto. Their first priority was to set up a wiki to support their volunteers with a view to moving into student wikis in thenext iteration of the project. This has been achieved and skills learned included:
  • Uploading images and documents
  • Setting up an interactive table to be used for rostering
  • Starting off discussions on the Discussion Board
  • Creating and embedding a voki speaking avatar

Update 21/09/09

Just reporting on how the project is travelling so far in out region.

We started with fourteen participants and are now down to ten, but the ten remaining are stilo enthusiastic and achieving results! We have had one meeting all ogether then a large number of workshops either in small groups of neighbouring RTOs or individually. This seems to have worked much better than last year where people found it difficult to come together in a large group. I am also planning some Elluminate and Skype sessions so people can epxperience using those tools and to give everyone a chance to report back on their progress.

Wikis appear to be everyone's choice (and I swear I had nothing to do with that - I offerred training on all types of tools!) The result is that everyone has now at least one wiki up and running. Have bullied people into reflecting on my ementor wiki and so far had a few entries. I quite like this one from Orana Community House:

Orana Neighbourhood House's project is to create a wiki website so our tutors, committee and staff can communicate with each other.
This will encourage the Orana community to embrace e-learning.
We plan to include a number of pages within our Orana wiki website:
Committee Page
Staff Page
Tutor Page
Student Page
Childcare Page

That was then......then we had a re-think!!!!

As e-learning is a new concept to most at Orana it might be better to start with the group who seem most keen to be part of a wiki.
Therefore we are going to start with creating a wiki with our Friday computer groups with tutor Alan Titter.
Orana has two groups of students with disabilities coming on Friday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
The group learn about technology at their own pace and work on projects that they enjoy. For example a few have their own digital cameras and are learning to make albums, and stories about their photos. They learn about email and the internet and explore sites they are interested in. Alan is enthusiastic about the wiki for the students and he will actively use this resource.

So this is where we are going to start. The other ideas will come later!

So good to see people thinking through the purpose of their tool. Since this entry, they have set up their wiki and hpefully will report back on how it is all going - stay tuned!

The Moodle group has hit some snags. Healesville have reluctantly had to pull out due to effects on their programs due to the bushfires - difficulty getting their courses up. This has impacted greatly because we were going to pay to have some in-services but now only one house will have to bear the brunt of that and also the staff member most au fait with it all has left. Instead, I directed them to the online moodle sessions and will hopefully see them there!

E-learning in the region: background
Interested in a history of what has been achieved in your region over the past few years?
1.Visit the following page on the AccessACE website: http://accessace.acfe.vic.edu.au/Eastern+Metropolitan+Region
2.You can also take an in depth look at the AccessACE exemplar in your region: http://coonara.acfe.vic.edu.au/

Ementor project 2009

My ementor wiki - please feel free to add resources or information.

Hello from Upper Ferntree Gully! My name is Lynne Gibb and I am the ementor for the eastern metro region for 2009. I have been usinglynneedublogs.jpgweb 2.0 tools in one way or another for about 6 years now either as part of projects or by myself learning out of interest.

We have had a great response to the program this year. There are 14 organisations participating. They are:

Nth Ringwood Community House
Helen Ferguson
Arrabri Community House
Joan Feather & Jackie Warren
Pines Learning Donvale
Denise Shelton & Jenny Carlton
Waverley Adult Literacy Program (WALP)
Gloria Parker & Patricia Watson
Healesville Living & Learning Centre
Darren Grainger & Jenny Poole
Australian Polish Community Service
Wendy Bennett & Aneta Antczak
Anglicare - Dixon House
Rosemary Snibson
Upper Yarra Community House
Robert Falkenbach & Ian Bevan
Morrison House
Sue Hudson
Mulgrave Neighbourhood House
Margaret Harris
Orana Neighbourhood House
Leeann Herman & Janet Claringbold
Outer Eastern Literacy Program (OELP)
Judith MacPherson & Theodore de Bie
The Avenue Neighbourhood House
Gail Reid & a tutor
The Basin Community House
Heather McTaggart & Carolyn Blake

It is really exciting to see such a healthy number of participating organisations - double that of last year! Some are very new to elearning and are putting a tentative toe in the water whilst others have been part of the ementor project 2008 and are halfway down the pool!

We have had an initial expressions of interest and information session at the Regional Office and our first ementor get-together will be on 9th June where we will initially be looking at Business Plans and getting them organised and then starting to look at setting up wikis as this appears again to be a major interest area for organisations.

Three organisations who were part of last years program and who are further down the track of blended delivery have indicated an interest in exploring the Moodle environment. I have asked Michael Chalk if he will assist us in this regard and am looking forward to it.

We will again be using my ementor wiki as a place to connect and keep in touch and I am also planning 3 sessions on Elluminate if possible, also exploring Skype and MSN. Audio and video will also be explored depending on interest and ability.

Our regional manager wants participating organisations to get something concrete out of the project this year so participants are expected to try out at least one tool and report back on it.

11/06/09 Update

We have had our first face-to-face session together. Not everyone could make it but that was just as well as there are only 12 computers in our lab! We spent some time looking at Business Plans - Michael Gwyther's sample would have been great but hopefully I can link to it from my ementor wiki so people can take advantage of the valuable work he has already done in this area. We were really working on getting them concise and punchy and hopefully this came across.

After this we got onto the computers and signed everyone up to my ementor wiki and did some preliminary work on setting up their own wiki and playing with it to see what they could do. Each project has a page on the central ementor wiki where they will be reflecting on their progress - highs, lows, challenges, successes etc - a bit like this page really :) Last year participants were a bit slow in reporting back so we are making it a part of their participation in the project this year. We are also making it a essential that participants try at least one etool with their organisation and report back on it. Some are interested in creating a tutor wiki or a committee wiki and are excited to find a tool that will allow them to network, share resources and cut down on duplication. Others want to try things with a class. Some are interessted in audio and loved the way you can include that on a wiki.

Next step is for them to continue setting up their wikis and I have divided them up into smaller groups where I will be spending time with each group so that they can get some individual mentoring before coming back to the larger group to report back. In this way, we should be able to look at different tools with different groups if that is what they want. These sessions will be augmented with Elluminate sessions with the large group so we can all share our struggles and successes and also share knowledge about tools we are learning. The ementor wiki is evolving and can be accessed at http://ementor.coonarahouse.org.au

The Moodle group will be starting soon. Negotiating with Michael Chalk as we speak.

I am really enjoying helping out these organisations and it is great to see an escalating interest in elearning in the region this year. The Jeannie is out of the bottle!

I am kicking myself about forgetting to take photos at our two sessions so far - I promise I will do better next time!

Ementors training day Friday 19th June

What a great day we had! I learned lots about turning ppts into flash movies, how there is a neat little Sanyo flipcam and datashow (wow!!) How to RSS, How to use Google Tools and also all about what the other regions are doing ementor-wise. Thans to Josie and Kathy for organising it. The short powerpoint I presented is below.

Will upload a little of the stuff I took with the flipcam when i get it back from Coonara!

15th July Update

A few frustrations - having trouble getting some of my organisations to respond. Trying to set up some small group meetings for a bit of F2F which is what they asked for but not having much success. I do have WALP lined up and The Basin and have met with OELP and Orana already.

Some of the organisations have been fabulous in reflecting back on the wiki - one in particular has struggled with the wiki and I have been able to track his progress and give suggestions via the Discussion board which will assist everyone else.

The moodle set is striking trouble as well - some of it of my own making - I didn't notice an email quickly enough - lesson learned - make sure everyone knows my new email address lynne@coonarahouse.org.au Because I still use my yahoo account and I have a private one as well, I am getting confused with too many email addresses! Amalgamate Lynne - amalgamate! Whilst Michael C was available during the holidays, the organisations weren't so we are back to square one trying to organise a date to meet.

My biggest revelation about the best tool to interact with people during this program is ......wait for it.......... the telephone!!!! Well I knew that of course, but having become so used to communicationg by email and online I sometimes forget to use the humble telephone! But wait - I now have an iphone - why don't I use that!

Personally, - projects are piling up again which is fabulous but I need to try to be more organised. I appear to be living in a disaster both at home and at work as both offices are a shambles and I can't locate anything. My excuse is that I have no time to tidy up, however, that is a myth because the longer I leave it the more time I waste searching for things I need such as important bits of paper! It would be quicker in the long run to spend a week tidying up!

Goal for the week after next (too busy next week) is to clean up my home office and get organised!


Ementor Project 2008

Hello from UpperFerntree Gully! My name is Lynne Gibb and I am the ementor for the eastern metro region. I have been using web 2.0 tools in one way or another for about 5 years now either as part of projects or by myself learning out of interest.

There are seven organisations in this region participating in this project. They are:

  • Nth Ringwood Community house
  • Mountain Disrict Learning Centre (MDLC)
  • Pines Learning (Donvale Living and Learning Centre)
  • Waverley Adult Learning Program (WALP)
  • Healesville Living and Learning Centre
  • Upper Yarra Community House
  • Hawthorn Community House

We have been exploring wikis to use with blended learning as this has been the request from the majority of this group. As there is a huge difference in the experience and skills of the group, after the first session, i have been having individual or small group sessions. We have been exploring how to set up the private Label wiki options and training people on how to use it and also looking at facilitation ideas and skills. With beginner groups, I have been introducing wiki concepts and also showing how other tools such as slideshows and audio can be used successfully with wikis. There has been some encouraging interest from most of the groups and all are now doing something with web technology within their skills level which is gratifying.

Christine-Pines, showcasing their fabulous wiki
Karren-MDLC, already a wiki user but learned new tricks!

I am hoping to introduce some of the groups to audio and look at ways it can be used for blended delivery.These things take time to organise and one of the challenges has been getting everybody in the one place at the one time. This has proved almost impossible and as a consequence individual ir small group swessions have had to be organised.