Community College Warrnambool -



Initial meeting with Community College Warrnambool

Scope of Meeting with Community College Warrnambool:

Ø Meet with Denis Bell to follow up on our initial phone conversation to chat about what sort of objectives he would like in the project and to keep the continuum on from last year with their Moodle implementation.
Ø What approaches they are already taking. Who are their cliental and what are their needs.
Ø Discuss Expression of Interest proforma, to be filled out and returned
Joanne Norbury, E-mentor ACFE Barwon SE Region
Denis Bell, CEO Community College Warrnambool


o Community College Warrnambool, South West Victorian SEAL
o Two web sites: (website) / (transport page)
o Clients and services: fee for service, trainees, transport update skills, licences for trucks and forklifts
o Would like 24/7 access for students and trainers including an LMS
o Has downloaded Moodle
o Has server set
o Needs beginning framework, maybe see some examples
o Needs structure and sites / pages planned and branded for each area
o Wants pages to look professional, consistent, to look like it belongs to website, a consistent look and feel
o Main focus is Moodle
o Discussed flexible business development grants as a way of paying for its development
o We discussed Sarah Phillips from Bendigo as an expert that maybe able to help
o He needs to have administration structure and someone to run that area
o Create champions in the organisations


Ø Has chosen Moodle as his preferred tool for his organisation, and needs to get it established


1. Joanne to contact Sarah re Moodle
2. Joanne will meet Sarah at face to face e-mentor day
3. Will contact Denis re flexible business development grants
4. Denis to fill in Expression of Interest proforma and return to Joanne


Ø Have met with Sarah at e-mentor meeting not enough time to have major discussion, will set up a phone meeting at another time
Ø Sarah and Joanne set to have phone meeting July 17th