Beechworth Neighbourhood Centre

Contact: Sandra Boulding

Phone: 03 5728 2386 Mob: 0400 841 123

Location: Beechworth


Plan to run an Introduction to Elearning in Term 1 2011 for older clients who wish to learn to 'keep up with the kids'

Action Plan:

Gain an overview of the potentials of elearning tools and plan to introduce a selection of them relevant to course delivery and team communications, to the Committee of Management.
Participate in a mini '23 things' course in September/October and build knowledge about a range of elearning strategies that will help realise the plan.

Mid Year Report:

Is your project on track to achieve your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by the end of November? :


Do you foresee any issues/problems that may impact on achieving your KPIs?

Time has been listed as an issue as Sandra is a part-time coordinator with limited time whilst at the centre.

Plans to use more of her own time from home for the explorations.

Summary paragraph of outcomes/achievements to date