Baranduda Community Centre

Contact eleader Linda Pattison

Address: Baranduda and Felltimber Community Centres,

Phone: 02 60434551 Mob: 0409 743 861

Location: Wodonga

E-idea: Establish a series of meetings using Skype among the centres.

Action Plan:
Setup Skype at each location - assisting others as necessary.
Meet for a planning session on September 9th in Skype
Schedule and advertise subsequent monthly meetings in Skype
Facilitate and manage these meetings using the Skype functions of text, voice and file share.

Mid Year Report:

Is your project on track to achieve your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by the end of November? :
On track - however needs to have a consistent form of feedback initiated.
Further 'networking' with a small group within the Hume group has been established to provide action partners.
(Kaleidescope and Pangerang)

Do you foresee any issues/problems that may impact on achieving your KPIs?
Without the appropriate committment of time, on a regular basis, this process will deterioriate.
Emails and phone calls from the echampion and meetings online to practice with the ementor will help with this.

Summary paragraph of outcomes/achievements to date
Completed the reality checklist and action plan.