ACFE Vic Government e-learning Grant 2009

Information and proformas for regions

Below the finalised paperwork for the ementor project. Some of the dates and wording has changed slightly, but I have marked it on the various documents.

The amended timeline appears on both the mentor EOI and regional proposal documents. We are still aiming to be ready for the beginning of term 2, probably more likely within the first week or two ( i.e. end April) if at all possible.

Documentation and process

  1. Regional project proposal. I have also attached a pdf version of the abridged proposal (this time without markup) to help inform your plans.
Please complete and return to me by 15th April.
Document and pdf:

Ementor position description and application. Please ask ementor to compete. I have highlighted in yellow the areas where you may need to add some extra information. I have also added a questions for the 2008 ementors, should you decided to appoint the same person again. Obviously any new ones wont have to do that question.
Please send me a copy as soon as you have appointed the mentor.

Sample agreement. I have also attached a very basic agreement proforma for you to complete.

Provider EOI below.