3ACFE Vic Government e-learning Grant 2013: Same but different

The ACFE ementor project is now in its fourth successful year (June 2012). As in previous years, each ACFE region has been allocated an e-mentor to work with interested ACE organisations in their region to provide support and mentoring in the introduction or consolidation of e-learning practices in their organisations, as well as establish a regional network of interested ACE e-learning practitioners through acenetwork.ning.com

What is the e-mentor program?

As a sector, ACFE is recognised for its significant contribution to the State’s skills policy agenda. It provides a supportive learning environment of vocational and non-vocational educational opportunities for many socially excluded and educationally disadvantaged Victorians. It is the provider of choice for many learners seeking a non-traditional, adult learning environment. And it is often the sole provider for rural and regional Victorians seeking to undertake some form of formal education and training, whether accredited or pre-accredited.

The ACFE Board’s aims for the sector are that it:
  • Delivers high quality tailored learning in local communities and workplaces across Victoria, at all skill levels from pre-accredited to skills deepening
  • Builds community capacity by addressing the specific needs of various cohorts of learners and developing targeted responses for local markets, and
  • Supports individuals, industry and communities to achieve economic and social outcomes articulated in government policy.

E-learning and the information and communication technologies (ICT) it depends on will contribute to a thriving, sustainable sector, and deliver benefits to learners, providers and government.

Since 2008 ACFE has delivered an e-mentoring project with funding available from the Victorian Government e-Learning program. The model provides e-learning leaders (Champions from within the sector and mentors with specialist expertise from within and external to ACE) that work with Learn Local providers to develop skills, trial e-learning and share learnings using ICT mediums including wiki’s, moodles and more. The project has operated successfully with mentors and champions received skills training to equip them in their role as local mentors/champions across the eight ACFE regions. In 2010 thirty nine Learn Local providers were involved in the project statewide with approximately 160 participants. In 2011/ 2012 project, 66 organisations participated.
A recent evaluation of the project indicated that it has been extremely successful, with 87% of survey participants rating the program 3 out of 5 or higher, and 96% expressing a desire to continue in Semester 2, 2012. Prior to participating, over half the participants rated their expertise in e-Learning and/or e-Business as low-medium, whilst 79% rated their expertise as reasonable-high after completing the project. 84% have been able to integrate or expand e-Learning and/or e-Business in their organisation as a result of participating in the program.
All the elements, resources and activities were popular, including face-to-face meetings, workshops, Blackboard Collaborate (online virtual classroom), regional blog/wiki, online support sessions (regular drop-in sessions), online professional development events, ACFE e-Learning NING and Moodle.

Participants rated the face-to-face elements as the most useful, with meetings rating 95% and workshops rating 76%. The e-Mentors and e-Champions were another key element, with 90% rating their e-Mentor/e-Champion as helpful/supportive in their expertise and assistance and numerous comments supporting this were included throughout.

Interested in signing up?

Expressions of interest in participating in this project are now being sought from Learn Local Providers. Each participating provider will, with the help of their e-mentor, develop a business / project plan to clearly articulate the benefits to their organisation. The plan will focus on learner engagement and interaction, and result in trialling an e-learning tool with a group of learners.

This initiative offers an opportunity for organisations who wish to introduce e-learning to their organisations for the first time or for those who would like to further the use of e-learning in their programs. No prior e-learning ability or experience is required.
The project is currently taking applications online at:

The closing date for applications is 5.00pm Thursday 1st August 2013.
Successful applicants will be notified in the week commencing 5th August

Below is a list of the ementors for /2013 and their contact details

If you require more information about how or what you can get access to, or need help in developing you ideas, please feel free to contact your region's ementor. We are particularly interested in hearing from those just starting out...
If you would like more general information. please contact Josie Rose. Project Leader at; josie.rose@cae.edu.au or telephone 09652 0710 or contact your local ementor.
Michael Gwyther
Lynne Gibb
Junita Lyon
Pam Ridd
Patt Grosse
Loddon Mallee
Michael Chalk
ace [at] michalk.id.au
North Western
Michael Chalk
ace [at] michalk.id.au
Southern Metro
Kathryn Matthews