Ementor project 2009


To build on the success of the 2008 projects, with an increased focus on:
expanding the number of skilled ACE practitioners and ACE managers who can build a strong case for implementing e-learning in their organisations strategically, demonstrating the benefits of implementing e-learning and e-business skills and approaches and in a way that will provide beneficial outcomes directly to learners
promoting the successful ICT enabled blended delivery models trialled and tested as part of Access ACE, and the 2008 e- learning program
supporting flexibility and accessibility of blended learning delivery for ACFE Board priority learner groups in ACE across Victoria.
build e-learning capacity in ACE organisations, particularly in developing proposals that will attract funding in 2009 /2010
modelling good practice in online delivery through the use of a dedicated virtual classroom
building and expanding the state-wide online network of e-learning practitioners
working closely with the AccessACE09 project participants in providing ementor support and e-learning advice.

A critical outcome of the project will be the continued formation of and strengthening of local, regional and interregional partnerships, as organisations collaborate in the design and development of blended delivery options, available to potential learners across regional boundaries.


The ACE Project manager and regional project mentors will design and deliver workshops and provide support that will:

be responsive to the need for innovative and relevant blended learning environments that reflect the individual and regional needs of learners

assist individual teacher/trainer and organizations identify and be more responsive to the needs of learners by providing access and training opportunities to ACE staff

provide access to a wide variety of e-learning focused tools that will have a direct impact on learners, including learner retention and enrolments

support ACE organizations in building a business case for learner focused e-learning in their organisations by providing them with the tools to develop proposals that will attract industry/ business / enterprise partnerships

improve opportunities for access to variety of communication tools such as blogs and wikis which will enable participants to seek relevant information online and face to face. Participants will be made aware of other blended learning initiatives such as AccessACE and national and state based e-learning arrangements that will facilitate access to collegial support

strengthen the established regionally based networks, so that they can provide both face to face and on-line access to mentoring and sharing of ideas and experience about the provision of best practice blended learning models relevant to students

foster greater collaboration among VET professionals and organisations though the social networking site established in 2008.

build provider capacity in all 8 ACFE regions in supporting e-learning by funding a regionally based e-learning mentor who will support providers in their region. The e- mentor will support selected ACE organisations in their region to develop skills and knowledge in the implementation of a learner outcome focused ICT enabled program.

purchase continued access to Elluminate Live to facilitate access to this online classroom so that 2008 ACFE participants who participated in the online PD in 2008 can continue to use it as a mechanism to support flexible learning options

encourage participating ACE Providers to work more closely within the wider e-learning support mechanisms that exist in Victoria, such as the TAFE Virtual Campus

showcase lessons learnt from the 2009 project including the learner focused outcomes from project workshops that demonstrate the impact of the project on individual learners as part of a broader conference.

provide specialist mentoring support to AccessACE project participants as negotiated.